miercuri, noiembrie 02, 2011

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"

- Do you know anything about dreams, Harold?

- I mean, how to decipher them? With any expertise in that arena, I’d first have to believe that dreams held any greater significance than as a mere dumping of neurological refuse. However, perhaps this one time I could be of some aid. Go on.

- Well, in this dream I’m in New York only it’s not three years ago, it’s today as though I’d never left. It’s one of those rainy nights where you can’t get a cab anywhere and, umm, I make it through the storm and to Gabriel’s on West 60th Street. It’s this great restaurant where Julia and I used to take the kids on Friday nights provided that I could get out of work on time. Anyway, I take off my coat and I say hello to the hostess and I head to the table and she’s there – Julia. She’s there and Ephram’s there and Delia and they’re laughing and smiling and I just watch them and I feel so happy again. I’ve had that dream three or four times in the past month.

- What do you think it means?

- I think it means that life knocked me on my ass 3 years ago and I haven’t gotten up since. I think it means that no matter how hard I try to make sense of Julia’s death that the tragedy of losing her will always eclipse whatever good comes to me.

- Andy?

- It’s true. Forget anything I’ve learned or experienced, I would take it all back. I would take that life back in a heartbeat. 

- You don’t know what that life would be. 

- I can promise you it’d be a hell of a lot better than what I’ve got right now.

- Better for who? For a family you never saw? For patients you never really cared about?

- For everyone.

- Well, I have two children who are going to attending some kind of college within the next few years and I’ve just spent a quarter of my savings on the worst business investment this side of Euro Disney, so take what I’m about to say with a proper grain of salt. Dreams aren’t meant to be understood any more than tragedy can be averted. Life happens to us. We learn to be grateful when things are good and to count our blessing when things are bad. And the only certainty in all of it is that it all just keeps happening.

P.S.  Titlul se potrivește cu plecările pentru o noapte la Constanța sau Iași, nu-i așa, Aura? Știu că nu am scris despre proiectul Leapșa sau despre vizita la Iași ce i-a urmat, dar promit că vor avea loc în pagina asta imediat ce îmi găsesc ideile. :) 

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  1. Cred ca titlul mi s potriveste de minune!

  2. asa este... imi plac plecarile "de-o noapte", cu toate ca ar fi minunat sa fie de minim 2 nopti...[ sunt convinsa ca dupa cele 2 nopti ar mai urma si una "de-o noapte" :)) ]

    Dar cine stie ce ne rezerva viitorul...(promit ca nu o sa mai fie Iasi sau Constanta... ceva nou :D)

  3. Laura, mi-ar trebui detalii. De ce zici că ți se potrivește titlul?

  4. Aura, oau, la asta nu mă așteptam. :)))
    Eu votez cu plecările pentru minim două nopți. Îs prea bătrână pentru plecări de-o noapte, am nevoie de somnul de frumusețe. :))

  5. Asa...la modul general! Tu ce mai faci? O sa te sun in seara asta. Mai vb!

  6. Mi-a spus mama că ai sunat, îmi pare rău că n-am fost prezentă la apel. Te sun când ajung acasă. :*


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